Despite a busy schedule both at work and at home, Carol has even managed to produce a best-selling book and DVD.The topics, naturally enough, focus on babies, children and being a successful, and fit, Mum. You can contact Carol at


'Carol’s own searingly honest, emotionally true voice – her essence, if you like – comes through unmistakably at every turn' - The Independent

'Sounds like Carol has the working mum combination down to a tee' - TV Times

'Promising tips on juggling work and kids…' - Family Circle

'TV Presenter Carol Smillie is evidence that women can have it all – a successful career, motherhood, and good looks.' - Daily Express

Carol’s best-selling book Carol Smillie’s Working Mum’s Handbook (now also available in paperback) looks at achieving a good work-life balance, organising your life, choosing the best childcare as well as information on maternity benefits and tax. As Carol says:

“Being a mum is probably the most complex, exhausting, emotional difficult
yet wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. If you are a mother, you'll understand what I mean. Add to that all the feelings you have about leaving your child and returning to work and you may find the whole idea of becoming a 'working mum' a little overwhelming. I know I did.

Other people seemed to be able to manage it, I thought at first. Surely it couldn't be that difficult, could it? But two months after having my first baby, I still wasn't dressed before midday, the sound of her crying made me leap to my feet and going out anywhere, even just to the supermarket, was a major expedition! How on earth was I going to manage to return to work?

I think being a mum is a wonderful privilege but being a working mum is an art in itself and takes a certain amount of guts and stamina. Hopefully this book will give you confidence, remind you that you're not alone and help you make the most of what could be the busiest and best time of your life.” CAROL SMILLIE

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Carol has also been involved in a number of DVDs and CDROMs that are both informative and entertaining.